His Perspective Changes Everything

In light of all that is going on, how can we position ourselves in hope, faith, and trust?  We believe it is asking Jesus for “His” perspective.  God is not sweating on His throne, waiting to see what this virus will amount to.  He is not distracted by fear or consuming the enemy’s lies in this moment.  He wants us to rise up in faith to declare healing, transformation, and a shift in the atmosphere in the midst of this chaos.  Why should our belief in the move of God dwindle when we face the unknown when it actually could grow our expectations in who He is and what He can do?

         We are continuing to worship our King because He has been faithful and will continue to be.  If we believe His word is true, then there is no room for fear. We are thankful for what He is shifting in this moment all around the world even though we may not see it yet. Faith is the confidence of things hoped for and assurance about what we do not see. (Hebrews 11:1)

We pray for His kingdom to come and His will to be done on earth now more than ever.  Unbelievers and even many Christians are concerned with the outcome of this virus and are quickly forgetting how mighty our Father truly is.  We may be strong in our faith but fear can creep in at any moment and we need to be on guard.  Remember, the enemy has already lost!  He may think he’s building momentum across the world but we rebuke his lies and deceitfulness.  Let us hunger for the word of God.  Let us dive deep into His presence to gain His perspective every day.  His love speaks a better word!

         We will be continuing our 4-hour burns every Thursday from 6-10 pm online (through Facebook live) and encourage you all to join us!  We may not be in the same room but there is power in unity.  Let’s leave our fears at Jesus’ feet and choose hope for our Nation and World.  Let us be carriers of joy! Amen.

Ethan & Rachel Cieply

Ethan & Rachel Cieply

Pastors of 20+, Director of Facilities, Burn 24/7 Leaders


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