As we are faced with a global pandemic I have thought of the story of Esther and how the entire people of God were faced with a great trial. I believe there are three responses in this story that we can take and apply to this season. 


First: There is Power in Fasting and Prayer

In the middle of national crisis, Esther called the people of God to fast and pray. The Bible teaches us that fasting and prayer positions us to receive from God. The act of fasting humbles us and says to God, “you are more sustaining than food”. It positions us to receive breakthrough from God. For the next three days, many are joining in a worldwide fast to ask God to sovereignly end this pandemic. Please join as you feel led.


Second: There is Encouragement In Relationships.

Esther connected with people who brought encouragement to her. When she was uncertain of what to do, her family was the voice that said, “you have been called to the Kingdom for this time.” It is important, even in shutdowns, to connect with people. Call a family member. Text your friend. Jump on a video call with your life group. Even when we are encouraged to enact “social distancing” you can still stay connected with people and adhere to the recommendations. It is in this time we can be encouraged by cultivating connection even if we can’t gather together.


Third: There is Healing in the Feast.

In the book of Esther, the people celebrated the failed attempt to destroy their bodies by feasting. The greatest feast I can think of is the Lord’s Table; otherwise known as communion. I encourage you to sit with your family, or roommates, and remember the Lord. There is power in remembering the Lord’s suffering on our behalf. It releases His supernatural grace and healing to our entire being. In Psalm 91:15 the Lord says, “I will be your glorious hero and give you a feast”! It is a great encouragement to know that in the chapter that describes our protection from God, in the middle of it all, God gives us a feast. So, lift the bread and give thanks! Lift the cup and rejoice! For He has overcome.


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