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Jamie Galloway explains how God wants to speak to everybody

Stepping into God’s purpose for our lives takes more than a simple belief in His existence. If we want to truly pursue God’s will for our lives, we have to open our heart and minds beyond the basic Sunday school teachings we’ve heard before. God calls us to not just believe in miracles, but also to perform them in His Name.

Forging the path to a deeper understanding of what God calls us to do are leaders such as Jamie Galloway, whose gift of prophecy and whose revivalist message are edifying to the Church, as a means of showing us what it looks like to access the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Through his teachings and prophetic ministry, Jamie Galloway is leading others to not only desire God more, he also pushing believers to re-evaluate how God wants them to do His work and spread the Gospel. He is inspiring believers to go beyond just preaching a message of Heaven after Earth; we are to bring Heaven to Earth, just as Jesus did.
Jamie’s own journey of bringing Heaven to Earth began when he was just a teenager.
“My first encounter with God changed everything,” Jamie told me in my email-interview with him. “His audible voice echoed into my room when I was 17. This encounter opened up my heart to a new world of extraordinary possibilities.”

Online Prophetic Workshop

Jamie Galloway will be teaching an online prophetic workshop March 11th. The workshop includes access to all classes from 10am-3pm, and the evening service, from 7pm – 10pm.

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The workshop will be held at Life Church, but if you can’t make it, you can join online. Simply indicate “Watch Online” when you purchase your registration!

Jamie did not stop hearing the voice of God after that eye-opening encounter; he regularly speaks prophetic words over others and by doing so, he works alongside God by sharing His visions and plans. God uses Jamie to reveal the seeds He wants to plant in people’s lives; seeds which if stewarded well will blossom and ultimately glorify God further.

Jamie’s gift for the prophetic wasn’t something he accidentally stumbled upon or woke up with randomly one day; it was something given to him purposefully by God, through another believer.

“The prophetic became real to me when a dear man of God prayed a prayer of impartation that I may prophesy,” Jamie said. “It was in this moment that I saw an immediate discovery of the tangible reality of the prophetic gift. I became strongly aware of the prophetic words of Father God and what He longed to say to people.”
As Jamie’s own experience exemplifies, God, who desires to co-labor with us on Earth, lets his people act as His hands and feet. He allows us to strengthen one another and grow deeper in our relationship with Him through fellowship with one another.

“I believe that gifts and callings are initiated through what scripture calls, ‘the laying of hands’,” Jamie told me, referencing Hebrews 6:2. “The laying on of hands is a foundational element of the faith that shows us the succession, gifts, and callings are imparted from one believer to another. The gifts and callings of God are contagious. The key is to find someone who is walking in them and catch what they carry.”

We can only reach a deeper relationship with God if we surround ourselves with fellow believers. Fellowship strengthens and stretches our faith, challenges us to find our callings, encourages us to impart gifts unto one another, and calls us to work together for God’s greater purpose.

“The most practical tip I can give is to get around others who use the gifts of the Spirit. Let their faith rub off on you,” Jamie advised.

Simply put, fellowship begets gifts. But it does not end there. Even as believers begin to “catch” the Holy Spirit’s gifts, Jamie explains that we must be patience when sharing our gifts with one another.

This is true both when giving and receiving a prophetic word. Jamie has seen challenges arise when sharing his gift with others.

“There are difficulties, but the positive always outweighs the difficulty,” Jamie noted. “When someone hears a prophetic word for the first time the challenge for them can be finding out how this word fits into their life. It is new and when it is outside of the direction they had planned they have trouble reconciling their plans with God’s plans. The key I have found is to walk with them through this word so they have someone helping them understand the complexities of faith in God’s promise.”

With many believers eager to hear from God and to witness the gifts of the Spirit firsthand, Jamie offers insight on how to test the truth of a prophetic word: hold the prophetic word under the light of Scripture. If a prophetic message contradicts the word of God, then it is not truly from God.

“For instance, if a married man receives a prophetic word that tells him he is to leave his wife and marry another woman, we know that does not pass the litmus test of the word of God. That one can be thrown in the garbage,” Jamie explained. “If someone receives a word that makes them uncomfortable but does not contradict scripture then we need to seriously regard it as a potentially accurate word.”

Accuracy of a prophetic word is ultimately determined over time, whether the prophecy comes to pass or not, Jamie added.

But what is important to note is Jamie’s assertion that knowledge of what Scripture holds is vital when encountering the supernatural, especially when discerning what is truly from God.

“1 Corinthians 12-14 give us great guidelines for the gifts and specifically the prophetic,” Jamie stated. “Chapter 14 gives us really clear examples of the structure of prophetic ministry within a church setting.”
There is much to be unpacked from Paul’s teachings to the Corinthians; everything from the types of gifts that we are given, to finding both unity and diversity through the gifts, and to using the gifts to glorify God and bring His love to others. Familiarity with the teachings of the Holy Spirit’s gifts offers a beautiful picture of God envisioned for the Church and provides the architectural plans of what our futures will be if we step into agreement with God.

Though we may begin delving into the gifts of the Holy Spirit by seeking the presence of God and through fellowship, we must turn to Scripture if we are to use the gifts in a way that is pleasing to the One who gave such glorious gifts. God’s presence, God’s people, and God’s word must all be sought after if we are to achieve a deeper connection with Him and pursue His divine plan for us.

Jamie’s teachings break down many of the barriers we put up when we use theology instead of relationship to try to know God. The breaking of such barriers will continue, as Jamie plans to move forward with the expansion of his ministry.

“Our ministry is launching a Supernatural Lifestyle School for equipping and resourcing the body of Christ,” Jamie announced. “This will be an online learning center focused on the supernatural, the prophetic and walking that out in daily life. You may go to and sign up for our newsletter to stay informed.”

Now is a time of growth and expansion for the Kingdom of God, Jamie noted. God is undoubtedly moving through the Earth, using His followers to do His will in miraculous ways.

“We are seeing an unusual amount of healing miracles. Deaf ears, vision problems, and other areas of physical problems are being healed with an accuracy that is mind blowing, Jamie reported. “It has been really incredible because I have not seen this in my 14 years of ministry. I believe this is impartible and the entire body of Christ will walk in this. I look forward to experiencing an all Saints move of God that will surpass anything we have ever seen before.”

Jamie is preaching a message that all believers need to hear: we are carrying miracles within ourselves because we are carrying the Holy Spirit. We are carrying God with us, every where we go.

Too often we put God into box in our minds; we try to define who He is because we think it is easier to approach a confined God who fits neatly into a theological rectangle. But when we try to push the Almighty behind invented borders, we limit our own expectations of Him and therefore we limit how we experience Him. Break out of your box and change the way you experience God by joining us at Life Church on Saturday March 11th, as we will be hosting Jamie for a day of dynamic teaching and activation. Ticket price covers the cost of lunch. Also join us for our open evening session with Jamie at 7pm on March 11th, and Sunday morning the 12th at 10am. It will be an opportunity to change how you experience God and change your role in bringing heaven to Earth!


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