The Vote of Heaven

by Bret Mavrich


In front of the White House lawn in Washington D.C. there sits a relatively small white tent. It looks like a wedding tent. Inside is a worship platform where singers and musicians offer worship and prayer night and day. It’s been there since 9/11 last year and it’s been burning strong ever since.

The significance of a white tent near the White House is not immediately grasped, but this is a really big deal. At Life Church we talk frequently about David’s Tent, and how God is restoring the reality of David’s tent through the global worship movement. It’s an exciting time to be alive, so see the nations rise up and with one song glorify Jesus. It’s prophecy being fulfilled before our very eyes.

But David’s Tent doesn’t stop with music; when David set up the tent of worship in his capitol city, Zion, it affected everything in the nation. The songs from the tent inspired the entire nation of Israel to seek the presence of God in all they did.  The worship culture became the foundation for homeland security. It unified the nation under God with a healthy nationalism that gave them confidence to be who they were called to be. And eventually it ushered in sweeping economic prosperity under David’s son, Solomon.

In other words, worship and government are directly connected. And for every problem that our government faces, worship is the solution. When the presence of God is released in a culture, ideas present themselves that were not evident before. Tensions between aggravated parties dissipate. Depression and anxiety give way to joy.  And invading armies turn-tail and run home.


The David’s Tent project that sits now on the National Mall in Washington D.C. is an incursion of hope into a culture of division and despair that has gripped the nation. The rising songs are shifting the spiritual climate in the nation, but often in ways that we might not see at first.
David’s Tent is about the rule of God on the earth. It’s about the presence of God influencing every arena, and making things work the way they should work.

During many seasons of reformation in Israel’s history, a zealous king would rebuild David’s Tent. It’s like they would dust off the forgotten books, comb through the chronicles of old to learn from the past generations, and discover afresh the God-breathed union between worship and throne. Jehoiada did it. Hezekiah did it. Even Ezra reinstated the worship after the return from exile.

In an age where growing numbers of people feel disenfranchised and insulated from the governing process, David’s Tent says something different. The tabernacle of David stands for the radical access to the very throne of God given to his people. There is no bureaucracy. There is no intermediary, no super-delegate. There is only direct access, from our lips to God’s ears.


This past weekend we gathered for 12 straight hours of worship and prayer. It was a brilliant gathering full of unity and faith. I could feel the spirit of prayer and prophecy all day.

Near the end of my set, I began to pray for the elections, specifically that the election would not feel like a finish line for the Church, but rather a launching point. My cry was — and is still— that revival would begin on November 8th.

As I was praying, I felt the prophetic spirit surge within me and I began to intercede for “executive orders from heaven.” Now, there has been so much controversy the last few years over whether or not Presidents, sitting and former, are abusing their power by issuing executive orders to bypass congress.

There is only one vote that counts in heaven: that of the three-in-one divine community of holy agreement, God himself. And yet, this happy-hearted sovereign of all Creation garners the full throated agreement of the entire gathering heavenly hosts.

While I prayed I could see God releasing holy fiats, edicts from his heart, upon America. God wants to release revival to cities in America. But he doesn’t need permission from his congress of angels; and he doesn’t need the sons of men to agree in a referendum. He is completely free from any political shenanigans as He sits on his throne.

That said, I began praying for agreement anyway. I am asking that these next four years, regardless of the policies that are generated in the White House, would be marked by “bipartisan agreement” in the Church in America. What I mean is that as God pours out his spirit, that believers would set aside their doctrinal and theological differences that so often create needless tension.


Tomorrow marks the end of a particularly brutal election season. I think most of us are glad to see it come to a close. But David’s Tent on the National Mall will continue. It’s a sign that the worship movement in America is still growing with determined strength.

I’m been in the worship and prayer movement now for more than 15 years, and I serve with people who were in the movement before it was even a movement.

That said, I’m doubling down on this thing. I want to see the Church in America in full agreement with the executive orders of heaven, the stadiums filled with worship events that go for days and days. No matter what happens the next four years, I want to see an explosion of the kingdom power of God all throughout our nation.

So tomorrow, I will head to the polls and cast my ballot. I’m not cynically choosing “the lesser of two evils.” I’m not voting out of fear, or in an attempt to stop one candidate or the other from ruining the nation. I’m not even voting to “make my voice heard.” My voice is already heard, in the halls of the council of Heaven. And the executive orders are coming.


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