Rest, Life For Your Soul 


There is no doubt that we are faced with changes in this season. I believe it is an opportunity for us to receive rest from the Lord rather than be overwhelmed by the changes. In Psalm 62:1 David muses, “Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from Him.” Our soul enters into true rest when we turn our attention to God, even when the world is in crisis! So how do we make the most of this time? Here are three ways to practice rest in this season. 


Cast your anxiety on God. 

Scripture tells us to cast all our anxiety on the Lord because He cares for us (1 Peter 5:7). Whether it’s something you’ve struggled with for years, or something that has come in this time of crisis, anxiety is not your portion from God. Entering into true rest doesn’t mean sweeping your worries under the rug & acting like they’re not there. It means telling the Lord what you’re anxious about so His transformative power can meet you there! A good way to do this is to write it down on a piece of paper and get it out of your head. He’s ready!


Read your Bible. 

One of the best ways to enter into rest is to remember that God’s Word has the final say! Spending time daily in His Word will fill your mind & heart with hope during this time. Set limits on social media & TV time, and make sure you’re filling your mind with the Word that will never change!


Be still. 

We live in a world that makes “being still” a challenge. And the truth is, there is no fruit to be had in constant distraction. Take this time to just be still for a moment! No phone. No music. No book. Just listen as Holy Spirit meets you in the silence. Your soul longs for these moments with your Creator, and now is the perfect time to slow down and be still before Him. 


May your soul find life as you joyfully enter into His rest this week!

Nikki Jones

Nikki Jones

Pastor of Student Ministries

Nikki came to love the Lord when she was in high school, where the Lord first stirred her heart for ministry. She went to Geneva College and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in student ministry. 
She currently serves as Youth Pastor to Awaken Student Ministries and as Administrator to Life Church School of Supernatural Ministry. Her heart is to see teenagers encounter the love of God so they may be lovers of Him and be transformed to step into a unique and purposeful calling that the Lord has prepared for them.


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